Note: if you are looking for the Digital Technologies online modules, please visit DT & HM Online for NCEA on the TKI website.

The Standards

The goal of STEM Online NZ is to create interactive online teaching and learning resources for all NCEA externally assessed standards in the following subject areas; Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Digital Technologies.

The project currently has committed funding for 22 standards.

In development:

Physics, Level 2
91170 Demonstrate understanding of waves
91173 Demonstrate understanding of electricity and electromagnetism

Physics, Level 3
91523 Demonstrate understanding of wave systems
91526 Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems

Mathematics, Level 2
91261 Apply algebraic methods in solving problems
91262 Apply calculus methods in solving problems

Mathematics, Level 3
91577 Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems
91578 Apply differentiation methods in solving problems
91579 Apply integration methods in solving problems

Future development:

Resources for external standards in the subjects of Chemistry, and Digital Technologies are planned for future development.