EASY REGISTRATION process! one form for teachers and students.

REGISTRATION process for STEM Online NZ courses

To register, you need to download the registration form available at the bottom of this page and return a copy to us after you have entered the required information. You can export student details from your school’s SMS(recommended) or enter them manually. If you’re unable to open an Excel file, please email us for a list of required information and send it another way. 

For teachers wanting to sign up for a preview of the resources, you can send the form back with only the top sections filled in, and send it again with students added later.

We suggest teachers work through the resources themselves in advance, if possible, in order to better support their ākonga. A list of the standards available is given here (also in the registration spreadsheet), and a space to indicate which courses you want to access. Once completed, send the spreadsheet to our project coordinator: stemonline@auckland.ac.nz. If you have multiple classes you may send us multiple completed forms. Click the button at the bottom of this page to download the registration spreadsheet.

Once we receive your completed spreadsheet, the STEM Online NZ team will create logins for you and your students in our Moodle LMS. We will then email you your login details, a link and a class code for each course, which you may forward to your students, allowing them immediate access.

If you want to add new enrolments in future, simply send us a new version of the spreadsheet. Easy!

Please allow 2-3 working days for the registration process.