The Project

STEM Online NZ supports classroom teaching and can be implemented in a variety of ways to best suit the needs of the school, teacher and students. It has been developed as a blended solution combining traditional and e-learning practices, with the content tailored to appeal to New Zealand teenage students. The locations, characters, activities, language and humour will all be familiar to them. Teachers can choose to use the full course, pick elements of the online material to supplement their own teaching, or use it for homework. Students can use it for revision purposes.

The key course components include:

  • Online learning materials
  • Interactive learning content
  • Videos
  • Avatars
  • Animations
  • Quizzes
  • Game-based content
  • Classroom based experiments and activities
  • Online tutoring and support by University of Auckland students
  • An online community with social media interaction.

How STEM Online NZ could benefit teachers:

  • Online learning materials provide support and flexibility. You can customise lessons to suit your needs.
  • Content provides subject specific support and gives confidence to non-specialist teachers.
  • The content allows for individuals to work at their own pace.
  • Teachers are able to spend more time with individuals and small groups to meet their needs.
  • Students have access to a rich mix of multimedia curriculum support materials, produced in NZ or sourced from around the world.
  • Students can preview material prior to lessons and revisit material as needed.
  • Learning is rewindable and available 24/7 so learning can occur anywhere and anytime.
  • Online tutoring and social communities where students can share learning experiences, comment, ask questions, and give and receive feedback and build social connection.
STEM Online NZ overview
Click here to download a PDF overview of these resources.