About STEM Online NZ

STEM Online NZ is an interactive online teaching and learning resource that is available free of charge to all New Zealand secondary schools.

The purpose of this initiative is to increase the number of secondary school students successfully completing NCEA external standards in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. Acquiring externally assessed standards is critical for success in STEM-based university courses and future STEM careers.

The University of Auckland’s aim is to support schools and teachers in the delivery of these external standards by providing specialist online teaching and learning resources, developed by subject experts, for all NCEA externally assessed standards starting with Physics and Mathematics.

These highly interactive resources will help teachers, particularly those who are not subject specialists, teach STEM subjects.  They do not replace teachers, but are designed to support non specialist teachers and ensure that every student in New Zealand has the opportunity to pursue a study pathway in STEM subjects through to tertiary level.

We believe this resource will provide valuable support to teachers and that it will have a huge impact on the learning outcomes of the secondary school students using it.

The use of STEM Online NZ

STEM Online NZ is an interactive online teaching and learning resource, the content has been developed by secondary school teachers who are subject specialists, in collaboration with the University of Auckland subject experts.

As this resource is being provided by the University of Auckland to all secondary schools and students of New Zealand at no cost, the one requirement is that it is not used by students without the assistance of a classroom teacher (other than for homework or revision).