Demonstrate understanding of mechanics

Standard number: 91171 Level: 2 Credits: 6

About this course

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Delivery method

This course is designed to be used within a blended learning environment alongside more traditional coursework. There is flexibility in how the content can be used; as a complete learning tool, for revision,or you can take a ‘pick and mix’ approach.

Course design

This course continues the learning in Mechanics 2. The course has a NZ look, tone and style. Learning is based around activities, sports and contexts that are familiar and relevant to students.
University student presenters continue the journey alongside students, both in videos and as avatars.
The course is broken down into manageable sections. Each section contains a range of activities to develop and reinforce learning.
A discussion forum option is available to facilitate conversation within the class.

Course structure

The course is split into eight sections:

  • Welcome to physics
  • Linear motion
  • Projectile motion
  • Energy, work and power
  • Torque and equilibrium
  • Circular motion
  • Momentum
  • Review

These sections are organised and connected into an optimal learning sequence, however they can be completed in any order.

Course components:

Each section contains:

  • A locally created video that provides an overview of the concepts covered
  • Interactive learning content
  • Animations
  • Experiments
  • Quizzes
  • Questions adapted from previous exams, to excellence
  • Game-based content

The elements in each section are organised into a logical learning sequence, however they can be completed in any order to suit your learning plan. Each activity completed by a student is tracked on the menu, and earns coins that can be redeemed in a scenario game..

Detailed learning guide: TBC
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